The National Food and Agriculture Show


Ghana has a huge opportunity of growing agricultural outputs to help feed and improve its Rural Economies including making a national impact subsequently.
Delegates attending the 10th National Food and Agricultural Conference and Exhibition FAGRO 2019, will interact with farm managers, consultants and
academics both local and global to discuss the challenges facing Agribusiness and the sustainable solutions to increase output.

Agribusiness managers, consultants and advisers will also be provided with a solid business platform to network with colleagues from around Ghana and gain an
international perspective on Food and Agriculture. “The Conference will be held at the Accra International Conference Center and will attract about 400 delegates
from all the Ten Regions in Ghana.

The theme of the Conference and Exhibition is 'Creating Valuable Agribusiness Opportunities' The conference will include presentations and farm visits with a
focus on farming in the Greater Accra Region, a Region with mostly smaller diversified farms, producing mainly for export markets.
We strongly encourage agricultural professionals to attend this conference and also to consider the pre-conference and post-conference tours, which provide
opportunities for networking and building relationships which can have long-term benefits.

The week long pre-conference tour will take delegates through the main farming areas of the Region, visiting farms and tourist sites. Special arrangements will be
available for “Next Generation” agricultural managers — the young, early career agricultural managers attending including an extra day for farm visits and
mentoring, discounted registration fee, and opportunities for host farm accommodation.

Why Attend
Below are a number of reasons why attending our conference is so crucial to send your business, networking, and knowledge to the next level.

Share Your Knowledge and Represent Yourself Internationally

Face-to-Face Networking Helps Forge Strong Connections

Our Conference Allow You to Observe Visual Cues from Presenters & Other Attendees

Our Conferences Put You in Direct Contact with Potential Clients & Customers

At the Exhibition you can observe your competitors & learn more about them

Our Events Promote Creativity & Innovation

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