The National Food and Agriculture Show

Welcome to the 9th National Food and Agricultural Show

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Ghana’s primary and leading exhibition platform – FAGRO 2017.

Yes, FAGRO has come to stay and our advocacy and visible involvement in the promotion of agric will take on a much stronger personality, going forward.

When in 2009 we decided to turn our attention to agriculture, we were convinced that there will be challenges but we never thought that we will be here, eight years on, to tell our story. It has been exciting, challenging and also an important learning experience for us, as we continue to connect and create a marketing and networking platform for farmers, manufacturers, input dealers, financial institutions, players in the value chain and stakeholders in agric in general.

Today, I have the singular honour to thank all who have made significant contributions to making FAGRO what it is today. Foremost appreciation is to God, through His mercies, the exhibition show has been able to survive varied circumstances. In addition, I acknowledge the abiding partnership we have received from Yara Ghana through the years. They have been our partner from the very beginning and they are still here with us.  Also worthy of special mention is Hon. Kwesi Ahwoi, who was minister of agriculture when FAGRO took off.

To the zealous team whose continuous hard work and passion has resulted in FAGRO reaching higher altitudes. Whose dedication has made the FAGRO platform an invaluable convergence arena for everything Agriculture, and FAGRO becoming a must attend Exhibition show.

 And to Mr. Torgbor Mensah, for inspiring the FAGRO initiative, for putting action to an idea, for lending support in every effort of the team in realizing FAGRO. Also, we are grateful to all for helping FAGRO in changing the Agricultural conversation for development, Today, Agriculture is considered a Full – realized profession and a long life vocation by Ghanaians especially the youth.

This year’s National Food & Agric Show will hold at the Jubilee Park in Tamale where FAGRO envisions will soon be a hub for Agriculture trade and investment.

FAGRO will take place from September 26 to 30, with activities including;Exhibitions which will create an avenue for the daily showcase of agricultural products and services, Agribusiness boot camp to teach Agribusiness players how to prepare credit yielding and investor attracting business plans, A leadership summit to discuss how resources can be mobilized for women in agriculture in enhancing their knowledge in farm operations,good leadership, farm management skills and career opportunities for women in Agriculture. A youth in Agric conference that seeks to provide a platform opportunity for stakeholders to foster agriculture entrepreneurship among the youth. We also have the Agric College Dialogue that, will bring together students from all the agric colleges to discuss agric educational challenges, career opportunities and then we have a workshop for Farm Associations and co-operatives on the state of Associations and co-operatives in Ghana and how to structure a strong one.It is a loaded menu and we are convinced that all participants will leave with a different kind of attitude towards Agriculture.

This year’s theme, Creating Jobs in Agriculture, Northern Region In – Focus, is an attempt by FAGRO to work with its large and diverse stakeholder group to develop strategies and work to ensure that we tap into the benefits of Agricultural commercialization, through the government’s Planting for Food and Jobs Agenda.

It is expected to create enormous networking opportunities for players in the sector. Last year, the current Northern Regional Minister, Hon. Salifu Saeed, took part in our business plan writing boot camp for agribusiness players on the sidelines of FAGRO at the trade fair centre, and he has not stopped talking about how it has been beneficial.  At this year’s event, there will be another opportunity for players in agribusiness to learn what it takes to put together credit-attracting business plans and proposals.

FAGRO is on its way to being accepted as the leading Agricultural fair in   the sub-region, fronting the conversation in transforming the Agricultural sector, Promoting Agricultural employment opportunities.

Ladies and gentlemen, again we are thankful to our sponsors and collaborators; Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Yara Ghana, the Northern Regional Coordinating Council, Africa lead, the Farmers and Award winners association,  RST, Netherlands Embassy, Ghana Veg, Embassy of Brazil, Israel Embassy, John Deere, Foundries Ghana limited, GIZ, the media, all stakeholders for journeying with us this far.

Tamale is the venue, Northern Regional Week is the event, September 26 is the date, Agric is the focus. Be our guest.

Thank you.

FAGRO secreteriat




Purpose of FAGRO

FAGRO is aimed at enhancing the integration of production, packaging, transport and storage of marketable commodities and value-added products from the farm through to the consumer and to support entrepreneurs in rural and peril-urban agribusiness development.

FAGRO has chalked many successes, among which include:

  1. Helped strengthen private and public partnerships in Agriculture 
  2.  Helped developed markets for small holder farmers
  3. Helped operational value chain systems by increasing market access through the exhibitions.
  4. Supporting the participation of especially Ghanaian farmers in international agricultural exhibitions and forums in the USA, Brazil, Israel and Burkina Faso among others over the years.

Through these forums Ghanaian farmers have enriched their knowledge and built upon their networking opportunities. FAGRO has also afforded many farmers the opportunity to meet foreign counterparts and learn innovative ways of improving upon their farming practices.

Agribusinesses, companies, entrepreneurs, farmers and governments increasingly recognize that, the use of

comprehensive and analytical information is a foundation for a successful sustainable development and

that is exactly what FAGRO is all about. 

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