The National Food and Agriculture Show

Welcome to the National Food and Agricultural Show

The National Food and Agric Show (FAGRO) is Ghana’s foremost private and primary agribusiness platform, established in 2009 to support the strengthening of the country’s agriculture locally and internationally, through the organization of agric exhibitions,
seminars, conferences, trade promotions, capacity building and other advocacy programmes and initiatives.The FAGRO platform has over the years, contributed immensely in highlighting the visibility of the country’s agric sector to the investment community, both locally and internationally. So far, the FAGRO brand and for that matter, Ghana’s Agric sector has becomeknown in many countries such as Brazil, Israel, US, The Netherlands, Spain, Burkina Faso,Nigeria, among others. As the years progressed, FAGRO has evolved – renewing, repositioning and refocusingitself so as to strengthen its contribution to the nation’s agriculture-led economic growth.Working with great partners, we embarked on a re-structuring and re-branding exercise with the aim of strengthening our visibility, relevance and impact. Working in partnership with our stakeholders, FAGRO is committed to support the promotion and commercializationof Ghana’s Agriculture and indeed across the African continent.


Antoinette L.C Nwosu ,FAGRO secreteriat





Purpose of FAGRO

FAGRO is aimed at enhancing the integration of production, packaging, transport and storage of marketable commodities and value-added products from the farm through to the consumer and to support entrepreneurs in rural and peril-urban agribusiness development.

FAGRO has chalked many successes, among which include:

  1. Helped strengthen private and public partnerships in Agriculture 
  2.  Helped developed markets for small holder farmers
  3. Helped operational value chain systems by increasing market access through the exhibitions.
  4. Supporting the participation of especially Ghanaian farmers in international agricultural exhibitions and forums in the USA, Brazil, Israel and Burkina Faso among others over the years.

Through these forums Ghanaian farmers have enriched their knowledge and built upon their networking opportunities. FAGRO has also afforded many farmers the opportunity to meet foreign counterparts and learn innovative ways of improving upon their farming practices.

Agribusinesses, companies, entrepreneurs, farmers and governments increasingly recognize that, the use of

comprehensive and analytical information is a foundation for a successful sustainable development and

that is exactly what FAGRO is all about. 

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